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(New) 2021 Virtual School Fundraisers (Contactless) – Ultimate Guide

Could Virtual School Fundraisers Be the New Normal? See (New) Virtual Fundraisers HERE Covid-19’s Effect on Traditional Fundraising  The Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated changes in many of the ways we operate as a society, from social distancing and mask wearing to telehealth appointments and virtual meetings. We’ve seen how businesses have been impacted–negatively, for the…

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[Best] Popcorn Fundraiser Companies (2021)

Popcorn fundraising is a guaranteed way to get your cause the financing it needs while providing a delicious, crowd-pleasing treat for customers! It’s a great choice for many because the upfront costs are usually low, and the margins are excellent for earning the funds you need to make it worth your while. A Popcorn Fundraiser…

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