[Best] Popcorn Fundraiser Companies (2021)

Popcorn fundraising is a guaranteed way to get your cause the financing it needs while providing a delicious, crowd-pleasing treat for customers! It’s a great choice for many because the upfront costs are usually low, and the margins are excellent for earning the funds you need to make it worth your while.

A Popcorn Fundraiser is a team, group, or school fundraiser that sells popcorn to raise funds for projects. Popcorn is sold by the gallon or half-gallon bag through a brochure or online virtually.

Various different flavors encourage buyers to purchase more than one type. Popcorn Fundraisers raise funds by giving up to 50% profit to the selling program.

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Groups raise an average of $3,500 in 2 weeks.

Here is a comparison of several different popcorn fundraiser options for you to take into consideration!

ABC Fundraising– This particular option boasts profit margins of 30-49%. It requires a purchase minimum of 25 bags, so if your fundraiser is very small, that could be a slight risk. If you purchase fewer than 50 bags, though, you have to pay for shipping, so you would need to factor that into your margins as well.

Margins: 30-49% profit

Upfront purchase: none

Shipping: free on orders over 50

Delivery: 2 weeks

Doublegood– This popcorn company provides delicious flavor and a variety of options, and you don’t have to order the popcorn ahead of time at the risk of wasting leftover, un-purchased bags. They have you pay 50% when you make your order, so it does have a technically good margin for profit. However, their shipping/handling cuts into that profit significantly.

Margins: 50% profit

Upfront purchase: none

Shipping: $25-$99

Delivery: 7-10 business days

Discount Fundraising Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser– This gourmet fundraiser option guarantees around 40-50% profit. This one offers many options for flavors, and has a turnaround time of two weeks. If you meet the minimum order, you can receive free shipping, and you don’t have to pay any money down. The popcorn you order is purely based on how many you sell, so you won’t have any unused bags of popcorn left; just profit!

Margins: 40-50% profit

Upfront purchase: none

Shipping: free

Delivery: 2 weeks

Popcornopolis– The Popcornopolis fundraiser includes many flavor options, ranging from unicorn popcorn all the way to jalapeño cheddar. Their typical timeframe is around five weeks, and there is no money down at a 50% profit margin. They sell them in cases, so you may be left with some extra “cones” of their popcorn. They also charge for shipping on orders up to $3500 or more.

Margins: 50% profit

Upfront purchase: none

Shipping: $10-$150

Delivery: 5 weeks

Deanan– The profit margins seem very high from Deanan initially, at around 46%, but they also suggest pricing based on your market, so that could be variable. However, you do have to pay $10 per case for delivery. They also offer custom colors, which can help with team spirit or branding for your cause.

Margins: 46% profit (variable)

Upfront purchase: none

Shipping: $10 per case (no limit)

Delivery: not listed

Popalicious– This “Popalicious” fundraiser has a sliding scale of profit based on how many you buy at a time. The more popcorn you purchase, the stronger your profit margin will be. It ranges from 35-50%, and they have quick and free shipping. They do have a 100 bag minimum, but they sport many unique flavors to appeal to everyone.

Margins: 35-50%

Upfront purchase: none

Shipping: free

Delivery: 4-7 days

This information should be helpful when choosing a fundraiser for your needs. Make sure to analyze each aspect, such as upfront cost, flavor options, revenue, shipping costs, and timeframe when deciding which route to take. Here’s hoping your fundraiser is absolutely poppin.’

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