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From the owner:

"At Discount Fundraising, we take care of our customers-


Because want you to succeed so you will come back next year for your discount card fundraiser.


Providing Full-Service Fundraising is our goal for you and your school or team.


We are here to help and want you to exceed your fundraising goal."


-Matt Goodin, Owner

Discount Card Fundraiser for your team and school

We do all the work, So you make all the money!

Get more for your group with Discount Fundraising Cards: 

A Discount Card Fundraiser will be the best Fundraiser for your school and team.


$8500 is the average PROFIT of a discount card fundraiser.


You sell for $10, so it's an easy sell.


We provide 10-15 high-value local discounts, design, print, and ship your cards.


So, you just sell discount fundraising cards for school, sports, etc.

School Fundraising by the numbers:

fundraising ideas for schools

The Benefits of a Discount Card Fundraiser:

  • $8,500 AVG. PROFIT. 
fundraising cards

The Front of your cards will have:


Full color logo of your choice.

Your sell price: $15/$20.

Expiration date [One year at print.]

The Back of your Cards will Have:


10-15 local discounts.

Full color sponsors' logos.

Terms and conditions.

Discount Card Fundraiser Numbers:

Most Customers order between 500 and 1000 cards.


Average profit is $8,500. 


Get 100 cards FREE so (ASK HOW.)


Cards take 4-6 weeks to arrive.

So, Discount Fundraising will custom design and print your fundraising discount cards with your logo and colors. We will make this the simplest and easiest fundraiser experience possible through our fundraising card printing services. This is the easiest, highest profit fundraiser you will ever do, so let's go. Learn more on how to make fundraiser cards through us!

We do all the work, you make all the money - over 90%

What Discount Fundraising will do for you:

Once you order cards, we get to work:


We contact 100 local merchants in your area because local is best.

Each merchant will offer a valuable discount.

Most discounts offered are 10% off or a FREE item with purchase so discounts are valuable.

The discounts are good for one full year from the print date of your cards.

Custom cards will have between 10 and 15 local discounts.


Contact Merchants:

We reach out to 100 local merchants in your market.


We aquire 10-15 valuable discounts for your fundraiser.


Full color printing of your logo on front and all discounts on back. 


Professional design services for your cards.


Delivery by UPS Ground services to your location.

Your cards will have your full-color logo on the front.

We will design the card to match your colors and logo so they are easier to sell.

Each card is the size of a credit card and of the same thickness.

We suggest selling cards for $10 because of our experience.

The value of each card is in the thousands of dollars if used regularly for the full term.

Your profit is 50%-60% for 300 cards.

Profit 65%-75% for 500 cards.

75% -85% profit for 1000 cards.

Discount Fundraising Contacts Local Vendors

We do all the work for you so we can bring the most value for your team. Because our team will contact merchants in your area to sponsor your discount card fundraiser, you will have the best selling card possible.

Some merchants we work with:




Jersey Mike's

Texas Roadhouse

Longhorn Steakhouse


Papa Murphy's

Red Robin


Dick's Sporting Goods

Papa John's

Pizza Hut

Little Caesar's

Sweet Frog

Quaker Steak

Buffalo Wild Wings


Dunkin Donuts



Smoothie King



Shane's Rib Shack


Great American Cookie Co.

Orange Leaf


Jiffy Lube




After working with hundreds of schools, we want to bring our expertise to your fundraiser.

Discount Fundraising is anxious to prove our superior services to you and your program.

So, discount card fundraisers have been around for a long time.

But, we feel that we have perfected the fundraiser because of our years of experience.

Some programs try to take the discounts online, but the problem is the value seen by the end user isn't there.

The tangible side of a discount card is being able to see and hold the discounts in your hand.

Seeing your school's logo on the cards adds a sense of pride and satisfaction to the customer to support your group.

Depending on your group size, you can earn up to 90% profit and more.

We can start on your discount card fundraiser today, so contact us now.

Just select any of the buttons on this page and reach out today.

You can also text or call me at (423) 744-4547.


Click to see how fundraising discount cards work!

Discount Fundraising logo

Reviews from customers:

Karen R., PTO President - California

"It was so easy to place an order with Discount Fundraising. Everyone loved the cards. We received them when promised and the turn around was seamless. Your services and discounts offered are great"

Nathan S. High School Football Team - South Carolina

"Thanks Discount Fundraising for being GREAT through the whole process! Awesome! Thanks brother. Looking forward to next year's card."

JP R., College Fraternity - New Jersey

"Your cards look GREAT! And thank you for getting them to us earlier than expected and the discounts on the cards are great."

Katie G., Leukemia Lymphoma Society - Pennsylvania

"I LOVE THEM! The cards are awesome, thank you so much!"

Dali K., Elementary School Fund - New Jersey

"Thank you for helping to support this year's sixth grade class! Awesome."

Colin B., High School Club - Florida

"Discounts are rock solid and one of them is amazing!"

Leo P., Youth Football League - Arizona

"We appreciate Discount Fundraising. We sold out in about two hours! We sold about 300 in front of the grocery store. Thanks for working with us."

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