Best Fundraising Discount Cards in USA

Discount Fundraising will custom design and print your fundraising discount cards with your logo and colors. We will make this the easiest discount card fundraiser experience possible. Discount Card Fundraising is the easiest, highest profit fundraiser you will ever do.


We do all the work, you make all the money - over 90%

What Discount Fundraising will do for you:

Contact Merchants:

We reach out to 100 local merchants in your market.


We aquire 10-15 valuable discounts for your fundraiser.


Full color printing of your logo on front and all discounts on back. 


Professional design services for your cards.


Delivery by UPS Ground services to your location.

Discount Fundraising Contacts Local Vendors

We do all the work for you. We will contact merchants in your area to sponsor your discount card fundraiser.

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Karen R., PTO President - California

"It was so easy to place an order with Discount Fundraising. Everyone loved the cards. We received them when promised and the turn around was seamless. Your services and discounts offered are great"

Nathan S. High School Football Team - South Carolina

"Thanks Discount Fundraising for being GREAT through the whole process! Awesome! Thanks brother. Looking forward to next year's card."

JP R., College Fraternity - New Jersey

"Your cards look GREAT! And thank you for getting them to us earlier than expected and the discounts on the cards are great."

Kckie G., Leukemia Lymphoma Society - Pennsylvania

"I LOVE THEM! The cards are awesome, thank you so much!"

John DoeDali K., Elementary School Fund - New Jersey

"Thank you for helping to support this year's sixth grade class! Awesome."

Colin B., High School Club - Florida

Colin B., High School Club -Florida: "Discounts are rock solid and one of them is amazing!"

Leo P., Youth Football League - Arizona

"We appreciate Discount Fundraising. We sold out in about two hours! We sold about 300 in front of the grocery store. Thanks for working with us."