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Popped Perfectly Poppin Popcorn Fundraiser

Are you thinking of a fun fundraiser to have for your sports team, school or church? Our popcorn fundraisers are of premium quality and are super easy to set up. At Discount Fundraising we have a variety of  choices when it comes to popcorn fundraising. All of our popcorn flavors are absolutely delicious and perfect for any fundraising event.


The Only Popcorn Fundraiser With "True" 50% Profit

Popcorn Fundraising

  • RISK-FREE Fundraiser 
  • No Money Down To Start!
  • Fast Shipping
  • Average Profit in 2 Weeks Is $3,500
  • Up To 50% PROFIT For Your Team

Do You Qualify for a Popcorn Fundraiser?

Popcorn Fundraising | School Fundraising

FAQ's About Our Popcorn Fundraisers

Having a popcorn fundraiser for your sports team, youth group. school group or church group is a great idea. Popcorn is liked and enjoyed by many is perfect for any occasion.    

Our Popcorn Fundraiser is simple: 

  • Request our FREE brochures or FREE custom website for your team. 
  • Sell this great popcorn to friends and family. 
  • Submit your final orders. 
  • Collect up to 50% profit. 

Some of the highest profit fundraisers are popcorn fundraisers. You earn up to 50% on all bags of popcorn with an easy to sell product and customers keep wanting more. 

Just click the button on this page to see if you qualify for a popcorn fundraiser then you can set up your in-person or online popcorn fundraiser. 

Poppin' Popcorn stays fresh for longer than most popcorn because is comes in resealable fresh bags. The main problem with keeping this popcorn fresh is trying not to eat it in one sitting. 

No Risk Popcorn Fundraising

What makes this popcorn a no risk fundraiser is because there are no minimum fees. The other awesome thing about our popcorn fundraisers is that you can easily selection the best option for your sports team, school or church fundraiser. We offer popular brands and guarantee that popcorn fundraising can be very profitable after reaching 1,000 items in sales. This is certainly why many school committees and youth programs love our popcorn fundraiser. We have many fundraising options to choose from!

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Best Gourment Popcorn Fundraiser

  • Free Order Forms
  • Many Flavors To Choose From
  • Fast Shipping
  • 2 Week Fundraiser
  • Earn Up To 50% PROFIT

Do You Qualify for a Popcorn Fundraiser?

This Fundraiser Is Very Popular Among These Groups

  • PTO Committees
  • High School Groups
  • Middle School Groups
  • Elementary School Groups
  • School Bands
  • Preschool Groups
  • Family Reunions
  • Little League
  • Soccer Teams
  • Football Teams
  • Baseball Teams
  • Hockey Teams
  • Fraternities
  • Sororities
  • Church Groups
  • Non Profit Programs
  • Non Profit Events
  • Cheerleaders

The process of getting started is very easy to begin and FREE! Simply order our brochures. We have many popcorn flavors to choose from and our fundraisers are perfect for any occasion or event. We support teams, groups and organizations of all sizes with their fundraising. Let us help your group or team today and Check If You Qualify Below! 

Why Is Our Popcorn Fundraising Program Is Better?

We have a very simple process for seeing if you qualify for this amazing fundraiser? What separates this popcorn fundraiser from others is that we not only have gourmet flavors but we also have plenty of options to select from when deciding popcorn size and popcorn type.  Our popcorn is made fresh every single day and sealed in air tight bags. We know that once you try our gourmet popcorn fundraiser you will want to continue to run this fundraiser every year!

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Do You Qualify for a Popcorn Fundraiser?

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FREE Order Forms

     Everyone loves to have deliciously flavored popcorn every now and then. Why not get started today at no risk to you by simply placing an order for our FREE order forms. Then you can simply start fundraising when you are ready. 

Fast 2 Week Fundraiser

     You can start this fundraiser at any time of year. It's a quick 2 week fundraiser that you will be able to raise profits very quickly. Folks love the flexibility of this fundraiser.   

Quality Gourmet Popcorn

        We offer the best quality flavored popcorn directly from our suppliers. There are many options to choose from which makes it easy for selecting the perfect size for your group. 


        Our popcorn fundraisers are super easy and convenient to get started. You can simply order our forms for free then decide when you would like to get started. You can run a quick 2 week fundraiser with hardly any effort at all!   

Keep Up To 50% Of All PROFITS!

        One of the great things about this fundraiser is that you don't need any money to start and keep up to 50% of ALL Profits! Not only that, the average profit made in 2 weeks is $3,500. Contact us today to get started right away!  

What To Know About Discount Fundraising

When you work with Discount Fundraising you are helping support an organization that has helped dozens of schools with their fundraising. We aim to provide the best quality products to schools, sports teams, youth groups,  and non profit organizations. Our fundraisers are very popular! Contact us today to help support a wonderful organization.