Online Donation Fundraiser

No Sales, Just Donations!

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  • Risk-FREE Online Donation Fundraiser
  • No Money Needed To Start
  • 2 Week Fundraiser
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  • Average $100 per student
  • Simple platform, send emails/Texts
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Do You Qualify for a "No Sales" Donation Fundraiser

Mega Blast Online Donation Fundraiser

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No Risk Donation

  • Zero Money Down
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  • No Need For Product Delivery
  • Participating Schools Average Double Product Fundraisers
  • You Can Add This On To Any Fundraiser As A Donation Option
  • 2 Week Fundraiser

Do You Qualify for a "No Sales" Donation Fundraiser


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  • Up to 90% Profit for $100/student avg.
  • Free Mega Blast Bonus (where available).

*Check availabilty and alternatives if unavailable in your request.