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Our Fundraiser Journey:

Our family started Discount Fundraising in 2014 because Lacie, my wife, decided she would rather stay home with our kiddos than go back to and teach full-time.

So we realized there was a great need for quality fundraising companies in the education and youth sports area based on our experience with our own children.

DiscountFundraising.com launched because we wanted to offer the highest-profit fundraising to teams and schools because the old product fundraisers that offer 50% just doesn't cut it.

Not what we imagined:

We didn’t realize how tough it would be to get in front of schools…

Lacie and I decided to let our work speak for itself and eventually, it did.

We now have hundreds of satisfied schools and teams that contact us again, year after year because of our hard work.

Since we launched we have added Popcorn and Cookie Dough Fundraisers to our initial Discount Card Fundraiser offer.

So, Give us a call or text and let me know what questions you might have about any and all of our products. Or just contact us to see how we can help you get the most our of your current fundraiser.


All our best!


Matt Goodin

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Our Fundraisers

We do all the work for you and bring the most value for your school and team. Our team will contact merchants in your area to sponsor your discount card fundraiser. Start now with NO money down and no interest for 6 months with PayPal.

Discount Fundraising cards from Discount Fundraising will custom design and print your fundraising discount cards with your logo and colors. We will make this the easiest discount card fundraiser experience possible. Discount Card Fundraising is the easiest, highest profit fundraiser you will ever do because you only leave all the sweat and work up to us. So, call or text today.