Wrapping Paper Fundraiser

Kringle Wrap

The best option for a wrapping paper fundraiser is the Kringle Wrap! You can easily start a wrapping paper fundraiser come this fall. All of our wrapping paper is of the highest quality and is perfect for schools. Perfect jumbo holiday wrapping paper that you can use to wrap all of your holiday gifts.

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The Only Wrapping Paper Fundraiser With Up To 50% Profit

Wrapping Paper Fundraising

  • Perfect For Schools and Non Profit Organizations
  • Free Brochures
  • Fast Shipping 
  • Highest Profit in the USA - UP TO 50%

Qualify For Your Wrapping Paper Fundraiser

Gift Wrapping Fundraiser | Kringle Wrap Fundraising

Qualify For Your Wrapping Paper Fundraiser

FAQ's About Our Wrapping Paper Fundraiser

Simply request a free custom website link or FREE brochures for your group to get started. Then you will sell the wrapping paper to friends and familiy. Then submit orders and we send you your profit. 

Wrapping paper sales are best at the holidays. The best time to ensure buyers receive wrapping paper in time to use them for the holidays is prior to Thanksgiving. So we suggest starting your wrapping paper fundraiser no later than November 1. 

Gift wrapping fundraisers are very profitable. You can earn profits as high as 50% for your group with a gift wrap fundraiser. 

Wrapping paper fundraisers are one of the most popular fundraisers for schools across the country. 

The ease to start and the high profit fundraisers make this a desirable fundraiser for schools. 

No Risk Wrapping Paper Fundraiser

Kringle Wrapping Paper

  • Zero Money Down
  • Free Catalogs
  • Fast Shipping
  • Incentive Programs
  • Up To 50% PROFIT

Qualify For Your Wrapping Paper Fundraiser

Why Is Our Wrapping Paper Fundraiser Is Better?

Our 40 page holiday shopper features 180 items in our incredible collection of jumbo holiday wrapping paper. Anyone call sell this amazing wrapping paper. Fundraising isn't limited to only schools and sports teams, non profit organizations, church groups and youth groups can also hold fundraisers. Starting a Kringle Wrap Fundraiser is super simple and easy to do. Not to mention, we do all of the leg work. All you need to do is Sell!

Numerous Designs To Choose From

      Check out all of the amazing wrapping paper designs that you can choose from. 

No Money Down Fundraiser

     You don't need to worry about coming up with the funds for this fundraiser. It's No Money Down!   

Jumbo Wrapping Paper

        We have the highest quality jumbo wrapping paper that you will find in the USA. 


        Simply check to see if you qualify for this fundraiser by submitting your email. It's that simple! 

Keep Up To 50% Of All PROFITS!

        One of the best things about this wrapping paper fundraiser is that anyone can do it and you get to keep up to 50% of All Profits!

Wrapping Paper Profit Margins

  • 30% Profit for minimum 100 orders
  • 35% Profit 250 orders
  • 40% Profit 500 orders
  • 50% Profit 1000 orders. 

*$170 sorting fee for non-bulk orders under 250 units.

Qualify For Your Wrapping Paper Fundraiser

Our wrapping paper fundraiser is the best fundraising for any event or occasion.  Given how quickly you can get started, it makes this fundraiser a no brainer! When you work with Discount Fundraising you are helping support a quality organization that truly enjoys helping school and community groups. We enjoy helping many programs and non profit organizations with their fundraising. Thank you for your support, we appreciate your business!