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Candle Fundraising | Yankee Candles

Scented candle fundraisers can be a great idea. Our candles are made right here in the United States and are of the best quality. Our Yankee Candle fundraisers are beautifully scented and contain lead-free wicks. They also have a burn time of roughly 70 hours.


The Only Candle Fundraiser Where You Can Make Up To 50% Profit

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Candle Fundraising

  • RISK-FREE Fundraiser 
  • Classic Yankee Candles
  • Free Brochures 
  • Up To 50% PROFIT

Do You Qualify for a Candle Fundraiser

Yankee Candle Fundraiser | Candle Fundraising

Yankee candles are really awesome for any school. Show support for your school by hosting a Yankee candle fundraiser. Get customized scents from classics on every candle. These candles will surely be a memorable keepsake for all who participate in your next fundraiser.

Do You Qualify for a Candle Fundraiser

FAQ's About Our Candle Fundraiser

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Sell your candles with our Free and easy brochures to help you maximize your fundraiser. 

A School Spirit Candle Fundraiser is the most profitable fundraiser for your team. You can make 50% profit with no money down. 

You can fundraise online with several fundraisers. Just ask us how. 

Get started today with no money down. Simply request our FREE School Spirit Candle Fundraiser brochures now. 

No Risk Candle Fundraising

We make it super easy and simple when it comes to candle fundraising. This fundraiser is perfect for any time of year.  The best thing about a candle fundraiser is that no money is needed to get started! That's why this fundraiser is a great option for church groups looking to raise money for any special event. Not only is this a great fundraiser for churches but also for sports teams. These candles are handcrafted and made in America. Check out our full Yankee candle brochure.

Best Candle Fundraiser

  • Customized Candle Scents
  • Free Brochures
  • Risk Free Fundraiser
  • Make Up To 50% PROFIT

Do You Qualify for a Candle Fundraiser

Why Is Our Candle Fundraising Program Better?

We have a very simple process for ordering and getting your fundraiser started. We have many beautiful scents to choose from and all candles contain lead-free wicks which ensures a long burn time. If you are looking for a fundraiser where the product will actually sell itself, check out our candle fundraising program. 

Free Brochures

     Grab as many brochures that you will need for your fundraiser, their FREE! 

Quality Candles

        These scented candles are made right here in the USA and contains good quality candle wax. Wicks are lead-free which helps ensure it burns cleanly with a long burn time.  


        Candle fundraisers are very simple and easy to start. Simply grab our Free brochures to get started. 

Keep 50% Of All PROFITS!

        The best thing about this fundraiser is that you can make up to 50% PROFIT. Not to mention, these candles basically will sell themselves. Perfect for any time of year. 

Do You Qualify for a Candle Fundraiser

Our candle fundraiser is the best fundraising for any event or occasion.  Given how quickly it is to setup and quickly begin making sales makes it a no brainer. When you work with Discount Fundraising you are helping support a quality organization that truly enjoys helping school and community groups. We enjoy helping many school programs and non profit organizations with their fundraising. Thank you for your support, we appreciate your business!