FREE Easy Fundraisers

Cheer fundraiser

When your youth group needs to raise money quickly, you need a fast free fundraiser that you can rely on to generate the necessary revenue. The amount you make on these free easy fundraisers will depend on how much time you have to prepare and how well you execute your plan. Here are three time-tested…

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Easy Ways To Make Money Through School Fundraising

School Fundraising Ideas

Did you know that school fund raising brings big business to many companies? This is because schools purchase the supplies they need for fund raising in large quantities. The company can easily give a discount because they sell a lot of products at one time. School fund raising is also becoming an important part of…

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School Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Looking for good school fundraiser? Cookie dough sales are an easy moneymaker. What is a cookie dough fundraiser? The basic concept is the same as all order taker fundraisers. You equip your sellers with a brochure, an order form, and a basic sales script. Your group does catalog sales of a three-pound tub of cookie…

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[Best] Ranked Popcorn Fundraiser Companies (2022)

Popcorn fundraising is a guaranteed way to get your cause the financing it needs while providing a delicious, crowd-pleasing treat for customers! It’s a great choice for many because the upfront costs are usually low, and the margins are excellent for earning the funds you need to make it worth your while. A Popcorn Fundraiser…

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Cookie Dough Fundraiser – [TOP] 2022 Companies

What’s sweeter than raising a chunk of change for your favorite cause? What if I told you that making that money can be as sweet as cookie dough! There are a lot of great fundraising options, but cookie dough is a major crowd pleaser. Don’t pass up the opportunity to make your fundraiser a major…

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Virtual Fundraisers [2022] School Fundraising

Contactless Fundraisers for Schools and Youth Sports Fundraising for schools and youth sports has been below par. Most people complain about it, but few take actionable steps to tackle this issue. Sports are necessary to instill discipline and various other values in our youth, which is why parents and staff must consider the importance of…

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