Discount Card Fundraiser Pricing

We do all the work, you make all the money

Discount Card Pricing - Number of Cards and Profit:

1000 Discount Fundraising cards:

$2.50 /card

500 cards:

$4 /card

Minimum order 300 cards:

$5 /card

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We do all the work for you and bring the most value for your team. Our team will contact merchants in your area to sponsor your discount card fundraiser. Now Start with NO money down and no interest for 6 months with PayPal. 

Discount Fundraising cards from Discount Fundraising will custom design and print your fundraising discount cards with your logo and colors. We will make this the easiest discount card fundraiser experience possible. Discount Card Fundraising is the easiest, highest profit fundraiser you will ever do. It's like you just go out to collect money from your customers.

See Discount Card Fundraiser Pricing on this page.

Discount Card Fundraiser Pricing

Discount Card Fundraiser Pricing is just below.

We offer a range of fundraising discount card services, all designed to help your organization reach its goal. Whether you're looking for a small amount or complete funding effort, we have you covered. 

Our discount fundraising cards services are available a la carte so you can get precisely what you need.

See Discount Card Fundraiser Pricing below.

We do all the work, you make all the money


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