Complete Guide to the (Top) 11 Christmas Fundraiser Ideas for Schools

(Top) 11 (NEW) Holiday Fundraiser Ideas for Schools 2021      

(Best) Holiday Fundraisers

The best holiday fundraisers are the ones that give you the most money for the least work and have the most holiday feel.

This list is made of the best fundraisers from the best fundraising companies in the USA.

A holiday fundraiser is a fundraiser leading into the holiday or Christmas season that gives schools an opportunity to sell and offer holiday themed products in return for fundraising for their projects and programs.

Christmas time is the absolute best time to raise funds for any group, and there are many reasons for this.

One reason this time is great is that this holiday time of year is the greatest time for donations of any other time of year.

Another reason is it is obviously the best time of year for gift giving, which most of these fundraisers offer – a gift or product with the benefit of fundraising for your school

Schools benefit the most from these holiday fundraisers because of the timing and benefit to the schools.

The list below will provide schools with the best options for selecting the ideal holiday fundraiser for schools.

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1. Christmas Catalog Fundraiser

What do people want for Christmas?

Maybe only Santa Claus knows…

But with a broad range of products, a Christmas catalog fundraiser offers multiple products from Candy to baking hardware to wrapping paper to buyers and leaves the decision to the end-user.

A Christmas catalog fundraiser is a school fundraiser where students offer a brochure full of different products that buyers select for purchase and the funds raised are used by the school to fund projects or programs.

The beauty of the catalog fundraiser is that the buyer has multiple options and almost everyone can find something of interest in the catalog for purchase.

Catalogs have popcorn, cookie dough, and most all of the products listed in the list provided from this post all in one fundraiser.

That is why the catalog fundraiser is our #1 holiday fundraiser for Christmas this year!

Does your school qualify for a Christmas catalog fundraiser? See (NOW)!

2. Wrapping Paper Fundraiser

Gift Wrap is a major sign of the holidays. Everyone wraps Christmas presents in their favorite colors of red and green.

What better way to maximize on this holiday tradition than to kill two birds with one stone and offer your friends and family high-quality wrapping paper while making money for your school?

A Wrapping Paper Fundraiser is a brochure fundraiser that offers holiday and Christmas items (including but not limited to wrapping paper) for sale and schools keep a profit from wrapping paper sales to parents and friends of students.

Wrapping paper is traditional holiday colors and high-quality and usually two-sided for maximum benefit so the end-user can get a two-for-one deal on the paper.

A wrapping paper school fundraiser is a fantastic holiday fundraiser idea that can benefit any school and profit margins are between 30%-50%.

Does your school qualify for a wrapping paper fundraiser? Find out here…

Qualify For Your Wrapping Paper Fundraiser

3. Santa Shop

What kid doesn’t want to get that toy or gift for Christmas? What kid will not beg their parents for that gift? And what kid knows what they want until someone shows it to them?

A Santa Shop Fundraiser is a holiday fundraising idea that has been around for years that offers products and gifts and snacks to students for sale at the school, and kids are drawn to all the items in the shop on site.

The biggest hurdle to this fundraiser is the hours of operations of the shop and keeping up with popular inventory.

Sometimes the popular items aren’t realized until it’s too late to replace them.

Santa Shop is a tried-and-true holiday school fundraiser and has been for a long time.

Most Santa Shop profits are in the 30%-40% profit range.

Never done a School Santa Shop? See here…

4. Candy Fundraiser

When you think of the holidays, what comes to mind more than sweets and chocolates and indulging in your favorite guilty treat?

A candy fundraiser is a holiday fundraiser for schools that involves sellers taking one or more boxes of candy to sell to friends and family for a healthy profit for their school.

The candy can range from chocolate bars to gummies to chocolate covered fortune cookies (yes there is such a thing.)

These fundraisers are usually ordered from a company that sends a specified number of boxes to the school for either payment upfront or with an interest payment if not paid for within a certain time frame.

Profits for the candy range from 25%-50% and you keep what you don’t sell and enjoy the rest!

School looking for a candy bar fundraiser? See if your school qualifies…

5. Popcorn Fundraiser

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would receive a big old tin of popcorn from a neighbor or friend for the holidays?

There would be caramel and cheese and whatever that third flavor was that no one touched…

Popcorn has been a part of the holidays for as long as time can recall.

Now there are popcorn fundraisers that can be a part of your school’s holiday fundraising ideas.

A popcorn fundraiser is a school fundraiser in which students have brochures with popcorn in various flavors bagged to order for sale to friends and family.

Each student turns in the popcorn orders and the school sends the final orders in to the holiday fundraising company and keeps the profit from the popcorn fundraiser sales.

Popcorn is a fantastic product for fundraising because it is well known and low cost and valuable to sell.

The best part about a popcorn fundraiser is that it provides 40%-50% profit for schools and it can be done online as a virtual holiday fundraiser.

Does your school qualify for a holiday popcorn fundraiser? Check here…

Do You Qualify for a Popcorn Fundraiser?

What says Christmas or holiday time more than the fresh smell of baking in the kitchen?

Fresh baked cookies are what makes Christmas-time special, especially for our sense of smell and taste!

One of the TOP holiday fundraisers for schools has been cookie dough for years.

A cookie dough fundraiser is a school fundraiser that students take orders for frozen cookie dough from brochures that the school then profits from and delivers to the buyer.

Cookie dough ranges from Nestle Toll House Chocolate chip to Snickerdoodle and everything in between.

School cookie dough fundraising is a high profit fundraiser offering 30%-50% profit for schools.

Does your school qualify for a Nestle cookie dough fundraiser? Find out (NOW)!

7. Discount Card Fundraiser

Christmas is a time of spending and shopping…

Shoppers love a good deal this time of year.

What better way to fundraise, than to give your friends and family discounts for most of their purchases?

Not only will they save during Christmas time, but they will save all year round.

A discount card fundraiser is a program that schools offer discounts good for a year from local merchants printed on a card that fits in a wallet for a fundraising profit.

Each discount is approved by the local merchant and is good for one full year and is provided by the discount card fundraising company.

Profit margins are some of the highest with this program, starting at 50% and up to 95%.

See if there are discount cards available for your school here!

Discount Fundraising card
Discount Card Fundraiser

Request a FREE $10 gift, sample, and brochure

8. Christmas Candles

What smells more like Christmas than those unique seasonal scents of Cinnamon, spice, and Christmas tree?

Give your friends the ability to have these Christmas scents in their home along with other aromas throughout the year.

A Christmas candle fundraiser is a brochure fundraiser that sellers give buyers the chance to order candles from a catalog for delivery around the holidays to provide funds for the school.

Candles provide a great atmosphere in lighting and smells for your home.

Fill your family’s home with the scents of the season with a fantastic candle fundraiser.

There are even candle melts available for purchase in the fundraiser.

A Christmas candle fundraiser also provides profits of 50% for your school.

Does your school qualify for a Christmas candle fundraiser? Check here…

Do You Qualify for a Candle Fundraiser

9. Christmas Auction

Whether silent or live, a Christmas auction can raise a large amount of funds for a school’s projects.

Buyers will crowd your auctioneer in a live auction for the best buys of the night.

Schools can host an event surrounding the auction with a meal or gala to get more excitement for the event.

Students or classrooms can provide auction items up for bid to the buyers at the event and usually will be 100% profit once sold.

The event can charge admission or for a meal and further the funds raised.

Auctioneers are always looking for charitable events to practice their auction skills and usually do not charge or donate their fee back to the school.  

Auctions are a strong way to provide much needed funds for your schools

10. Christmas Dance

Christmas memories are made from school events such as the school Christmas dance.

Most students will want to participate, and you can run this event along with other fundraisers to maximize both…

Schools will make money from admission, photos, surrounding events, and food.

A dance takes some time to set up, but there are many rewards that come from the event.

Every kid has a photo with Santa Claus as they sit on his knee confessing their most desired wish for the season.

11. Santa Photos

Moms everywhere cherish the infant screaming in one of the first pictures ever taken with Santa.

Recruit a dad to dress up as the big fella and offer digital copies or hard copies printed on site for a big profit for this Christmas must-have.

Schools can have this event coincide with another event to get the most out of the event.

Holiday Fundraising ideas

This is the list of the top 10 holiday fundraising ideas.

The order can change, but the spirit of the season will remain.

Most of these can be used online for raising funds as well, so check with each provider.

Christmas is a time for giving and schools should not be shy in asking for a share of this opportunity to maximize their profits.

For more school fundraising ideas, see the list of the (Ultimate) Guide to School Fundraising Ideas here…

Thank you for your time and interest!

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