[Top] 10 Popcorn Fundraiser Companies Ranked

The popcorn fundraising companies below are the top companies on the internet.

The most equal way we found to compare them was to figure out the profit made on $1000 in total sales.

So ranked in order of profit dollars earned per $1,000 in sales, here are the top 8 companies:

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Popcorn Fundraiser Ranked by Profit

Rank      Company                             Profit Margin     Profit/$1,000 in sales

8.            Deanan                               40%                        $100-250             

7.            Fundraising Zone             50%                        $250

6. Poppin Popcorn                50%                        $300

5.            Popcornopolis                   50%                        $370

4.            Just Fundraising                40%                       $400

3.            Double Good                     50%                        $401

2.            Popcorn Fundraising       50%                        $425

1.            Popped Perfectly             50%                       $500

We found that Popped Perfectly offers a (True) 50% fundraiser because they offer Free shipping, where no other company offers free shipping. 

Other fundraisers are offering the profit margins before shipping charges are added at the time of order.

Do You Qualify for a Popcorn Fundraiser?

Other ways the companies differ are on the sizes of the bagged popcorn.

Here are the rankings in order of price/ounce:

Rank by Price per Ounce

Rank      Company                             $/oz.

8.            Popcorn Fundraising       $1.83

7.            Deanan                                $1.43

6.            Fundraising Zone             $1.14

5.            Double Good                     $1

4.            Just Fundraising                $.91

3.            Popcornopolis                   $.83

2.            Poppin Popcorn                $.67

1.            Popped Perfectly             $.67

Poppin Popcorn and Popped Perfectly have 1 gallon bags for $16 each for the lowest cost per ounce of any popcorn fundraising company.

Ease of use and delivery is a huge issue for school popcorn fundraisers.

There are other ways to qualify popcorn fundraising companies beyond price and profit.

The following list offers other ways to make this years’ popcorn fundraiser the most successful.

Rank      Company                             Sorted?                Free Shipping?                   Online?               Free Start?

8.            Deanan                                No                          No                                          No                          No

7.            Fundraising Zone             No                          No                                          No                          Yes

6.            Popcornopolis                   No                          No                                          No                          Yes

5.            Poppin Popcorn                Yes                         No                                          Yes                         Yes

4             Popcorn Fundraising       Yes                         No                                          Yes                         Yes

3.            Double Good                     Yes                         No                                          Yes                         Yes

2.            Just Fundraising                No                          Yes                             Yes                 Yes

1.            Popped Perfectly             Yes                 Yes                             Yes                 Yes

Popped Perfectly turns out to not only have the highest profit and lowest cost per ounce of all popcorn fundraisers, but also has the most to offer in bonus features.

Each School Popcorn Fundraiser has different offerings, but there are popcorn fundraisers that have more to offer.

Make the most of your school fundraiser this year and maximize your school fundraising.

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