7 (Most) Profitable Steps for Virtual Cookie Dough Fundraiser [#3 Will Shock You].

A Virtual Cookie Dough Fundraiser is the best way to sell cookie dough for your school or team. A cookies Fundraiser is the fundraiser that gives you the freedom to sell online without having to create any of the products or links and still selling to everyone in your network through a custom site created just for your team.

Do You Qualify for a Cookie Dough Fundraiser

The 7 Most Profitable Steps in an online cookie dough fundraiser:

7. Buyer pays shipping – shipping fees are all absorbed by the end user. Schools will not pay any fees with the cookie dough fundraiser online.

6. Deliver Direct to buyer (No sorting) – Schools will not have to touch any cookies when using a virtual cookie dough fundraiser.

5. No collecting money – All fees in a online cookie dough fundraiser are paid on the website. No cash is exchanged or lost.

4. Big Profit check – You will get all of your profit from the cookie dough fundraiser tubs in one big check at the end of your sale. Other Online Fundraiser with HIGH PROFIT

3. Sell more than in person – Most Virtual cookie dough fundraisers make 50% more profit than in person cookie dough fundraisers for schools.

2. Sell on facebook, email, text, and more – These Fundraiser Cookies will be sold on all of your social media and digitally. So no knocking on doors any more!

1. No Lost money or cookie dough – All accounting is done for you and fully realized when you do a Cookie dough fundraiser online.

It’s simple to get started, simply fill out the form and get a site set up for you for Nestle Cookie Dough fundraiser.

Your team then registers as a seller for fundraising.

They send out the custom link for your team to family and friends.

As friends purchase delicious cookie dough, you collect profits.

2 weeks later your team gets a big cookie dough fundraiser check in the mail.

Virtual Cookie Dough fundraisers are the simplest and easiest and most profitable to fundraise for your team with none of the mess and hassle of a brochure product fundraiser.

To get started on your online cookie dough fundraiser, simply fill out this form:

Do You Qualify for a Cookie Dough Fundraiser

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