Best Cookie Dough Fundraiser Profits

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Profits on cookie dough fundraisers can be quite impressive for a small group or organization. However, a smaller group will have a smaller profit margin than a large one. It comes down to the number of cookie dough tubs that you will need for your specific group. Many groups and organizations can benefit greatly by hosting a large cookie dough fundraiser.

A cookie dough fundraiser is surely a great way to raise money for a group or school. The profit potential is great because it can range anywhere from 20% to 50%. The profit potential is much higher if your group can sell a large number of cookie dough tubs. Generally one cookie dough tub can make roughly 40 medium sized cookies.

When planning a cookie dough fundraiser, you should have a clear idea of how many units that you would like to sell. You should also begin collecting money up front from orders placed by your organization, team, peers, friends and family. With most cookie dough fundraisers you will want to use fliers and brochures to promote your fundraiser. You can even bring cookie dough to work and sell it there. The best thing about the cookie dough fundraisers at Discount Fundraising is that you have great potential to maximize your profits as we pay up to 50% profit.

Most Popular Fundraiser In The Spring

What many groups and schools will find is that cookie dough fundraisers are a great choice during the spring. You can easily host cookie fundraisers every month during the spring time or promote specials events on holidays such as Mother’s Day and Easter. What you will find with our fundraiser is that they are super easy to set up and totally risk-free to get started.

Given that you can easily host and promote cookie dough fundraisers during the spring, you can quickly maximize profits over a relatively short period of time. This is especially true if you were to host a fundraiser every month for a period of four months.

Top Quality Cookie Dough For Easy Sales

So how good is your cookie dough? This is a common question that we received about our cookie dough. At Discount Fundraising, we carry gourmet quality cookie dough. In fact, we have superior quality cookie dough which makes it an especially easy sell for groups and schools who work with us.

When you are not only able to offer quality cookie dough but also have over three different flavors to choose from, sales tend to come easy! This is why cookie dough fundraising is such a great option for many groups. They are quick, easy, convenient and require no money to get started. Be sure to check us out to learn more about our gourmet quality cookie cough!

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