Cookie Dough Fundraiser Guide

Cookie dough fundraisers have become a staple for schools and youth groups. Schools use cookie dough to fundraise for equipment and playground equipment and needed materials for school. Sports teams use cookie dough for fundraising for needed travel and equipment and so forth.

Cookie dough can be used different ways as a fundraiser. Simplest way to sell cookie dough is through a product fundraising brochure. The brochure has all the flavors of cookie dough in pictures that the buyer can select and pay for on the spot. Once all orders have been placed the school sponsor sends the cookie dough orders in to the fundraising company. Then the cookie that was shipped to the school.

Virtual cookie dough fundraisers are different in that there is no contact with the buyers. With the online cookie dough fundraiser, an online link is provided to the sellers who then send the link to their friends and family. The buyer then selects the cookie dough of their choice to be shipped directly to their home. The cookie dough is sent within two or three days to the buyers home after they have paid. A profit check is then delivered to the fundraising organization within a couple of weeks.

Cookie dough offers high profits with most companies offering up to 50% profit. Each company is slightly different than what they offer as far as shipping fees and profit margin‘s.

The top companies for cookie dough fundraisers are:

  1. Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough Fundraiser
  2. Otis SpunkMeyer
  3. Mrs. Fields

For a large school group the best cookie dough fundraiser companies offer at least 50% profit.

Biggest headache with cookie dough fundraiser is the delivery. Cookie dough comes frozen and is thawing every moment that it is not delivered.

Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough Fundraiser offers cookie dough that has no perishable product in the ingredients. Therefore the cookie dough lasts up to 21 days at 74° shelf life minimum.

Cookie dough fundraiser for schools is a fantastic way to raise money for your school routine. Start here today. See if your school qualifies for 50% profit.

Do You Qualify for a Cookie Dough Fundraiser

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