Back To School Fundraising Tips

Now that we are in the back to school season, it is time to consider how we will find all of our projects for the new year. There are many ways to fundraise for school, and this year there are several new fundraisers that have become quite appealing. Top list of fundraisers: Popcorn Candles Cookie…

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Popcorn Fundraiser Companies

A Popcorn fundraiser is a great team fundraiser. Popcorn is a fun way to raise money for sports teams in schools alike. There are dozens of flavors of popcorn to choose from. Each popcorn flavor appeals to a different taste. Below are some great popcorn fundraiser ideas. The best Popcorn fundraisers can be sold through…

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Cookie Dough Fundraiser Guide

Cookie dough fundraisers have become a staple for schools and youth groups. Schools use cookie dough to fundraise for equipment and playground equipment and needed materials for school. Sports teams use cookie dough for fundraising for needed travel and equipment and so forth. Cookie dough can be used different ways as a fundraiser. Simplest way…

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Fun Fundraising Activities

To get the most out of any fundraiser, every participant needs to give their all from start to finish. This includes your team members, parents, coaches, and other volunteers. To keep everyone’s interest from waning, make sure that you include fun in your fundraiser each step of the way. Ten ways to put fun in…

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FREE Easy Fundraisers

Cheer fundraiser

When your youth group needs to raise money quickly, you need a fast free fundraiser that you can rely on to generate the necessary revenue. The amount you make on these free easy fundraisers will depend on how much time you have to prepare and how well you execute your plan. Here are three time-tested…

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Fair Trade Fundraisers

Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Organizations everywhere are starting to see the benefits of staging certain types of fundraisers. As you may have discovered through trial-and-error, some fundraisers are simply more successful than others. We all want to raise as much money as we can for our respective organizations, but there are times when we ought to give pause to…

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