Easy School Fundraiser Ideas

There are a variety of easy school fundraiser ideas that you can use to raise money. From raffles to gift certificates to homemade goodies, there are countless ways to bring in extra money for your school. Depending on the type of event you’re holding, you can’t go wrong with having a cookie dough fundraiser, discount card fundraiser, popcorn fundraiser or even a wrapping paper fundraiser just before the holidays.

A cookie dough fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your school, sports team, nonprofit or any other organization. In order to make this a profitable fundraiser, you should determine who in your circle of family and friends may want to show support. Cookie dough fundraisers are general pretty east to start and some companies require no upfront money to get started.

There are generally many types of cookie dough to choose from, as you can imagine the most popular flavors being chocolate and peanut butter. You should certainly choose the most appropriate type of fundraiser that best meets your goals. Keeping in mind that choosing a dough type that is generally easy to handle. Consider how you will sell the cookie dough, either at an in-person event locally or online through social media or website.

Discount Cards

If you want to run a super easy fundraiser for your school, you may want to consider selling discount cards. Discount cards can save your supporters hundreds of dollars at local merchants over the course of a year! In addition to being cost-effective, they are also easy to distribute and sell. Generally, discount cards are a super easy way to raise money. Supporters love the cards because they can continue to receive discounts each time they use the card.

These cards can be purchased online through our website Discount Fundraising. They are super easy and convenient, we work with local merchants in your local area to offer incredible savings to your supporters. It is a win-win for everyone: the school, the supporters, and the local merchants. Many supporters will be happy to spend $10 or more for the chance to save so much money over time. Also knowing that there support efforts are going towards a good cause such as helping local schools.

Popcorn Fundraiser

Popcorn is a great fundraiser option for schools because it is popular and easy to sell. This snack is perfect for any school or group, and the profit potential can be fairly good. As with other similar fundraisers, the more you sell the higher your potential profit can be. Popcorn fundraisers are also super convenient to have right around the holidays. Many schools will host a popcorn fundraiser in early fall.

You can use school announcements, flyers, and emails to get people excited and willing to participate in your fundraiser. You can even use fun, holiday-themed packaging to attract donors.

Wrapping Paper Fundraiser

If you’re looking for an easy school fundraiser idea, consider selling wrapping paper. Gift wrapping paper is a great way to give back to the community and help support your school at the same time. When the holidays are soon approaching, many students and PTO committees choose to hold a wrapping paper fundraiser.

This fundraiser can be combined with other fundraisers as well. That is just one option when deciding to hold a large fundraiser. Generally, wrapping paper fundraisers are pretty easy to start and offer a great kick-off into the holiday season.

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