Easy School Fundraiser Ideas

Are you a teacher or school personnel thinking of ways to raise funds? In this article, we discuss easy school fundraiser ideas that are effective and fun. Aside from getting the funds you need for a certain cause, students involved in the fundraising event are reminded of the value of doing something for the benefit of other people. A fundraising event is a good way for the whole school to have fun while doing something that benefits the school or the community.

Among the most popular and effective ways to raise funds at school is initiating a cookie dough fundraiser. For an effective and efficient way to do this, call us now. We provide high-quality cookie dough at a very reasonable price. This way, your group could easily achieve your goal. To maximize profit, we highly suggest a 2-week fundraiser.

During these 2 weeks, everyone in your group will focus on inviting your friends, family, and relatives to order. We will provide you a link where people can order and even provide you a free brochure so you can personally sell these cookie doughs. After 2 weeks of fundraising, you will place your order with us. Once the order process is complete, we then prepare everything and ship the cookie dough product directly to you. Once the shipment arrives, you will need to disperse it to your customers. We can discuss further what to expect.

These cookie doughs are formulated so they won’t easily perish. If everyone in your group will do their part of selling the cookie dough, the group could reach a 50% profit.

Popcorn Fundraiser

A popcorn fundraiser is also a good option. We all love to celebrate and gather with friends. And most of the time, when we do this, we prepare food, and this includes popcorn. Knowing this, selling popcorn for your fundraiser will be easy. Call Discount Fundraising to learn more about the benefits of a popcorn fundraiser and why it is a good option for your group. Our popcorn fundraiser comes in different flavors for all ages. This is a great choice, as you don’t have any investment upfront, so it is easy to get started.

Candle Fundraiser

If you want to try a different idea but still an effective one, go for a candle fundraiser. Do not worry about the difficulty of creating candles since we at Discount Fundraising will take care of it. The candles we prepare for the fundraiser are made in the United States, and we make sure that it is of the best quality. Candle lids can even be customized to display the logo of your school.

There are a lot of options when you want to do fundraising in your school. However, among the most effective is the cookie dough fundraiser. At Discount Fundraising, we have been doing cookie dough fundraisers for many years. We have enough experience to help your group easily achieve your profit goal. The only thing that your group needs to focus on is selling the cookie dough. If given enough effort and time, you’ll achieve the profits you are aiming for

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