High Profit School Fundraiser

High-profit school fundraisers are where it all started. We decided that it was time to have a fundraiser that would put the money back into your pocket. While we have many options to get 50% of your profits, the very best option is still the discount card fundraiser, where you will get up to 90% profit. That’s right, up to 90% and people love this fundraiser.

As an educator, you understand that well-educated students have a bright future. It is critical to provide each student with an equal opportunity to succeed as they grow, and this begins with a quality education!
However, you are probably aware that offering this education and additional possibilities is costly. Sadly, schools simply don’t have all the funds that they need.

That means it is frequently up to you to raise the necessary finances for your school. We at Discount Fundraising have witnessed the strain this may place on educational professionals. That’s why we do our best to come up with fundraisers that will give you the maximum amount of profit. We understand that people are busy, and you need to maximize your time when fundraising. You need fundraisers that will sell themselves and be easy for those doing the selling. When looking for a high-profit school fundraiser, we have just the thing with these discount cards.

Fundraising For Schools

When it comes to fundraising, you need something that will put the money back into the cause and not cost a ton of money. Something that is a quick and easy sell and something that you can easily disperse to the customers. That’s definitely our keychain discount card. These little cards are easy to carry and distribute. While our other fundraisers are nice and do give you lots of profits, the discount cards are among the top selling for many of our customers.

They work by giving your customers discounts at their favorite local retailers. These retailers agree to offer a variety of discounts to suit your cause. When you are looking for a high-profit school fundraiser, you simply cannot go wrong with discount cards.

Make Fundraising Fun

Fundraising isn’t just about raising money. It should be fun too. We suggest offering prizes for those that sell the most. Make the event something that is motivating for the kids and fun. It is a useful tool to use for team building. Set up teams to sell the key tags to encourage the kids to work together. This can also bring parents and the community together.

Making the fundraiser fun can help bring in more profits too. Many times the retailers that are sponsored by the discount card will be willing to sell them for you too. This is a win-win for everyone. These cards encourage customers to return to their businesses, adding profits to their bottom line.

They want the cards distributed as much as you do. This helps your fundraiser grow, as word will spread in the community these are available. When looking for a high-profit school fundraiser, you should look no further than our discount cards.

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