Popcorn Fundraiser Companies

A Popcorn fundraiser is a great team fundraiser. Popcorn is a fun way to raise money for sports teams in schools alike. There are dozens of flavors of popcorn to choose from. Each popcorn flavor appeals to a different taste. Below are some great popcorn fundraiser ideas.

The best Popcorn fundraisers can be sold through product brochures. Each form is given to a seller who presented to a buyer. The buyer select the popcorn flavor of their choice to be delivered once all the popcorn orders are complete. The school or team sends the orders into the fundraising company. Within a couple of weeks the popcorn is delivered to the school for distribution to the buyers. The profit margin for popcorn fundraisers is fantastic and up to 50% profit.

Virtual Popcorn fundraisers can be done online as well. An online link is provided to sellers to send to buyers. The buyers purchase the popcorn online to be delivered directly to their home. Popcorn is then delivered within two or three days to the buyers home. Then the is profit delivered to the school or team at the end of the sale.

Top popcorn fundraiser companies are:

  1. Perfectly Popped Popcorn
  2. Poppin’ Popcorn
  3. Deanan Popcorn
  4. Popolicious

Each one of these companies offer a free popcorn fundraiser with up to 50% profit. Shipping fees vary.

Perfectly Popped Popcorn and Poppin’ Popcorn have the largest size bags up to 1 gallon family size bags for fundraising. Popcorn fundraiser flavors include caramel, cheesy cheddar, Chicago style, jalapeño cheddar, three cheese, strawberry shortcake, cookies and cream, chocolate delight, nutty caramel, dill pickle, fruity, ranch, kettle corn, and others.

Do You Qualify for a Popcorn Fundraiser?

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