Popcorn or Cookie Dough? What’s The Best Fundraiser For You?

So you’ve chosen to hold a fundraiser for your organization. Great! But, what should you choose, the cookie dough fundraiser or popcorn? Both are pretty popular choices. After all, they are both pretty popular options as everyone loves popcorn or cookie dough, so which would be best for you?
Deciding to conduct a fundraiser is only half the battle! We have a variety of cookie dough and popcorn fundraisers available, so the next step is to decide which one is ideal for your group.

What To Think About for a Simple Fundraising Experience

What to Think About for a Simple Fundraising Experience
There are a few factors to consider when determining which fundraiser is appropriate for your group and neighborhood.

Understand What Your Supporters Want to Buy

True, most people will donate their money to a worthwhile cause even if they don’t like what you’re selling. However, if your community is enthusiastic about what you’re selling, your group will raise far more money. Don’t be afraid to poll them to find out! This can easily be done on social media. You don’t need a large sampling of people but simply ask in a community group who would be preferred cookie dough or popcorn.

How Much Time Do You Have Available?

The start of a new school year is full of chores in a fast-paced atmosphere when teachers, parents, and administration have little time to spend researching, planning, and executing student fundraisers. Discount Fundraising includes everything you need to get started! Our account managers work with you from beginning to end to ensure you have all you need! You can start and finish a fundraiser as quickly as two weeks.

Who Will Be Organizing the Fundraiser?

Organizing and starting a fundraiser is quite a bit of work. Many people don’t think about everything involved with the popcorn or cookie dough fundraisers. However, you will need people to hand out the free order forms and inform those in the area or that are a part of the organization about the website they can send friends and family to as well. Once the orders are completed, your products will arrive ready for delivery. Both popcorn and cookie dough have a long shelf life. There is no need for refrigeration for either product.

Both products are fast and convenient for getting a fundraiser going. In fact, they can be done in as little as two weeks! Sometimes you need a quick turnaround to get the funds you need, making Discount Fundraising the perfect choice.

Why Choose Discount Fundraising?

When it comes to fundraising, Discount Fundraising has been focused on providing high-quality fundraising products that are what people actually want. They are not overpriced trinkets that nobody would ever need. We believe the cookie dough fundraiser is the best, as it is a pretty big hit, especially for those fundraisers around the holidays.

People are baking anyway, and this saves them a step. However, we will let you decide which fundraiser is right for you. Both have amazing profits, long shelf lives, and are easy to run. Call 423-744-4547 today!

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