Back To School Fundraising Tips

Now that we are in the back to school season, it is time to consider how we will find all of our projects for the new year. There are many ways to fundraise for school, and this year there are several new fundraisers that have become quite appealing.

Top list of fundraisers:

Getting back into the swing of school is difficult for teachers and parents and students alike. To make this more seamless, We must create an easy way for everyone to be able to participate in fundraising. You can raise high profit margins with brochure fundraisers such as popcorn and cookie dough (Up to 50%). Or you can raise even higher profit margin’s with donation-based fundraisers and discount card fundraisers (Up to 95%).

Do You Qualify for a “No Sales” Donation Fundraiser

Donation-based fundraisers have become quite the new norm. Most parents are tired of selling products and having to deliver them and their children not receiving much in return for their efforts. Donations have become very streamlined and accepted among many schools and organizations across the country. You can now collect donations online and receive prizes schoolwide such as inflatable parties or even major prizes such as televisions or gaming consoles. Donations typically offer high profit margins with only the donation platform absorbing all of the transaction fees as well as prize fees. All while the school has zero start up cost and no money out of pocket simply by offering email addresses for the donation platform to run the campaign.

The tried and true way of fundraising in back to the school fall fundraisers are product brochure fundraisers. These are standard and have tested well through time offering high dollar fundraisers for schools for several years.

Popcorn fundraising has led to schools raising tens of thousands of dollars each fall just by handing children brochures and delivering the product after a couple of weeks of sales.

Cookie dough fundraisers are very similar in that the brochures go out with children in a few weeks cookie dough arrives delivered to the end user or buyer. The only issue with cookie dough is the need for it to be frozen although the particular cookie dough that is offered at has a shelf-life of 21 days at room temperature. This is due to having a special formulated recipe and nonperishable ingredients.

Do You Qualify for a Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Other fundraisers include discount card fundraisers which a lot of sports teams use for Fall fundraising and back to school fundraising. These offer local discounts to local merchants and exchange for the purchase of a plastic credit-card sized card with the team or school logo on the front. Each buyer pays $10-$20 for the discount card in exchange for discounts that last for a full year.

A couple of newer fundraisers are pizza fundraisers which are brochure fundraisers that offer frozen pizza to be delivered to buyers and is a very successful fundraiser. Another is the licorice fundraisers that have various licorice flavors offered to buyers and delivered through grocers fundraiser. Candle fundraising is becoming more and more popular through the years as of late. The School Spirit candle fundraiser actually has the schools logo included on the candle show the buyers in school spirit as well as refreshing since available in particular back to school since going into Christmas in the fall season. Wrapping Paper and Gift wrapping fundraisers offer high profit fundraising while providing gift wrap for Christmas and birthdays and providing schools with us needed proceeds.

Do You Qualify for a Popcorn Fundraiser?

All of the above back to school fundraisers can be started with no money out-of-pocket. Reach out today to get started. Your school can be funded within as little as two weeks.

Do You Qualify for a Candle Fundraiser

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